We don’t just develop winning products.
We develop lasting relationships.

Our ambition is to turn your vision into reality.

As your long-term development and co-manufacturing partner, SV Labs is driven by the desire to make clean and sustainable products that elevate your business to new heights, while guarding your brand’s reputation for reliable, high quality and high performing products.

From the Drawing Board to the Retail Shelf

We commit to understanding, anticipating and delivering on whatever our customers’ needs are. Whether starting with your formula or developing one from scratch, whatever your needs, our service platform is ready to support you.

Product Ideation, Formula Development and Ingredient Sourcing

Work alongside our chemists, sourcing specialists and account managers to create your next best-selling product using the highest quality ingredients available.

  1. Ideation and Concept Development
  2. Sample Production
  3. Formula Approval and Testing
  4. Pilot and Ramp-Up to Full Scale Production

Package Sourcing and Warehousing

Let us help you source the perfect package. Choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, including re-purposed and recycled materials, and fresh, new packaging formats like bag-on-valve. We can also store your packaging on site, if needed.

Scale-up to Pilot

Our chemists, quality experts and production managers work together to ramp up manufacturing volume for full commercial production, ensuring your product is successfully reproduced at scale.

Filling and Finishing

We take care of filling, labeling, induction sealing, shrink wrapping, and pack-out.
Et voilà! Your product is ready to ship.

Administrative Support

In parallel to the services above, SV Labs provides practical support in the form of holistic project management, leveraging our multi-site ERP system to link our production planning to your demand forecast. We also provide bill of material, production planning, EDI setup and shipping documentation support.